Erika Brodnock

Co-Founder, Kami


Erika Brodnock is the creator of digital resources covering emotional and social learning, digital safety, and digital parenting. She is also Sky News’ children’s wellbeing expert and her corporate seminars cover most areas of family life.

Erika is passionate about making sure that every child has an equal opportunity for success and is founder and CEO at Karisma Kidz and Kami.  The brand is loved by parents and children, is preloaded to around 2 million devices, and championed by the Sunday Times as the next big thing to shake up the children’s entertainment industry.

1. Best piece of advice you’ve been given 

There is no failure, only feedback and feedback is the breakfast of champions. Use it wisely to fuel your future success.

2. Worst piece of advice you’ve been given 

Mothers need to choose between succeeding in their chosen career or being a great parent. – The balancing act between parenting successful and excelling in career is by no means easy, but it is certainly possible.

3. What would you tell your younger self? 

In each and every endeavour, first learn ‘the rules of the game you are playing’. If you understand how to navigate the landscape chances of successfully doing so are immediately and infinitely increased.

4. What excites you most about the future of your industry? 

Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to shape the future. As we create opportunities for diverse enterprises, we create the ability to solve problems that affect communities historically left behind which will ultimately create a stronger society for all.

5. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My Grandmother. She embodied strength, loyalty and endurance. She came to the UK as part of the Windrush generation and served family, community and country alike before passing away three months before her 100th birthday with all her faculties in tact. I want to be like her when I grow up!

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