Sophie Smallwood

Co-CEO - Co-Founder, Roleshare


Co-founder of, previously Sophie was enterprise side at facebook and ebay. Roleshare’s mission is to enable a sustainable workforce where people get more from their roles, and where full-time balance at work and in life is possible – regardless of the reason. helps people combine skills for fulfilling roles – they are the smart matching site for shared roles.

1. Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
1a. Do what makes you happy and be kind.
1b. Sometimes it’s good to have a good cry.
1c. If you have time to sulk, then you have time to do something about it.

2. Worst piece of advice you’ve been given?
Don’t leave your job without another one lined up. Every time I’ve taken an uncomfortable leap, I’ve grown.

3. What would you tell your younger self?
Your mom is right.

4. What excites you most about the future of your industry?
More people are living longer, working longer, caring for loved ones longer. So Roleshare has the potential to positively impact family, community, and wellbeing, while sustaining a productive and diverse workforce.

5. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
My mom. She was unconditionally loving, but she always held a mirror to my face – no escaping reality. So when I made her proud, I knew it was well deserved. She passed from cancer 10 years ago.

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