Miriam Lahage

CEO of Figleaves


It is an honour to feature the remarkable Miriam Lahage, CEO of Figleaves in our Inspirational Women in Business article this week. Miriam worked her way up TJX to become a VP before joining Koodos, a fashion ecommerce business as their CEO. She later sat as VP Fashion at eBay and Chief Merchant at navabi, the plus size fashion ecommerce company. Miriam is now leading the lingerie and swimwear fashion business Figleaves, whilst sitting as an Advisory Board Member for LUX FIX.

1. Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
look for contrary evidence. By doing this I can be much more aware of my natural biases and can work to overcome them.

2. Worst piece of advice you’ve been given?
Two pieces of advice, given simultaneously, by a former boss, were 1. Don’t focus on what the customer wants, and 2. Never admit to a mistake. I am proud to say that I disagreed strongly! The advice helped me to recognise our conflicting values.

3. What would you tell your younger self?
You having the right answer is not the right answer. Listen. Engage in healthy debate. Collaborate. 

4. What excites you most about the future of your industry?
Fashion is a big data problem. The opportunity to leverage data from various sources to unlock value is pretty exciting.

5. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I am inspired by Zinc.vc. Zinc is a programme that brings together top entrepreneurial talent and venture capital to build new, scalable, mission-led businesses, commercial tech companies that look to solve some of the world’s biggest social problems.

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